World Canals Conference 2014 in Milaan


The World Canals Conference 2014 in Milan: a great event for the Navigli System

After 26 previous editions, the World Canals Conference  is coming to Italy and will be hosted in Milan (1 – 4 Sept. 2014).In the year preceding EXPO 2015, this is a great opportunity to show how much important is, for Lombardy and Milan, our historical canal system, unique in the world for history, cultural heritage and engineering. The “World Canal Conference” is an international platform involving government bodies at different levels, as well as technical/cultural/tourism organizations, experts, enthusiasts, volunteers and academics.

They all will come together to present their activities, projects and ideas on a series of themes scheduled by the organizers to allow participants to share information and experiences. Apart from an exchange of best practices, the aim of the conference is to raise awareness among stakeholders about issues relating the internal waterways and their optimization. The program provides different sites and moments for work (plenary and thematic sessions at Palazzo Lombardia – Lombardy Region headquarter – or Palazzo Sistema), study visits and moments of conviviality in order to exchange points of views, opinions and ideas. You will find here" moz-do-not-send="true"> the first draft of the program that will be finalized as you get closer to the event.

The following themes could be covered:

• infrastructure/transports

•Governance and Europe

•Multifunctional Use (ecology, irrigation, recreation)

•Tourism and economy

•Cultural heritage

To synthetize the issues was not easy, because of the many activities linked to life, discovery, restoring, safeguarding, enhancement of inland waterways whether they can be important ‘asset’ of the economic life of a country, carrying irreplaceable environmental services or they are neglected despite their precious plots with life and traditions of local communities.

It 's so a great privilege for me to invite you, enthusiasts of inland waterways, in participating to a great event that will be held for the first time in Italy: an opportunity to visit those places where the genius of Leonardo da Vinci was showed for the first time, from Adda River to Milan and Lomellina passing through the Naviglio Martesana, the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Bereguardo, where interventions by noble families (above all the Visconti and Sforza houses) succeeded one another and left as a legacy an exceptional architectural heritage, where famous historical figures such as Maria Theresa of Austria and Napoleon Bonaparte gave their commitment to end the history of the Naviglio Paderno and the Naviglio Pavese.

You will be informed about the updates via news  published on the website" moz-do-not-send="true">www.wcc2014.netor through ads on  Twitter @wcc_2014



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